5 Helpful Time Management Apps


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Time Management skills will improve your results, help you complete things faster, get more done and have more time for fulfillment. If you focus on the activities in your life that are high value, you will live life on your own terms, and do more of your life’s most important activities.

You can help yourself to attain those results with these 5 great time management apps.


time management apps

This is one of the more well-known time management apps, used by experts like Tim Ferriss. There are many great features to this app. It replaces the Notes section on your phone and gives you a place to collect and store notes and thoughts in different categories.

In each note, you can add bullet points, attach documents, and even set reminders for completion. It is a quick, easy and secure way to store your notes, as you can even set a passcode lock for your notes. Install the Evernote add-in to your desktop and use it on the web to clip websites for later, like a bookmarks tab. It is a great all-around tool.

Download the app here.


time management apps

Nirvana is about getting things done. Gather your thoughts and categorize those thoughts based on priority. Then create projects, tasks, deadlines and track your achievements. It’s an all-in time management app for note taking, projects, and general productivity.

Take the time to create some projects and tasks to complete. Small or large, it will keep you on track. Cross some items off the list and begin to see progress happening. For the creative ones, it is not just about what you finish. There is also a ‘Someday’ section which a great way to record dreams, imaginations and creative ideas. This is a great tool to manage your day-to-day life.

Download the app here.


time management apps

If you are a visual person, try out MindNode. It’s an app that creates mind maps. These are visuals that you may see at a brainstorming session. You pick a main node and build branches from it, and you can link different nodes too. It’s a way of putting ideas together in a visual way and stores them all for later use.

To make the mind maps even better, try attaching pictures to your webs. This acts as a sort of vision board. It adds another dimension to your map. It will make for a good cue when revisiting your map. MindNode is a great substitute for mind maps on pen and paper.

Download the app here.

Rescue Time

time management apps

This time management app runs in the background and tracks your computer usage and ranks your productivity for the day, month and year. Websites fall under pre-set categories of productivity which are then put together on a graph over time. You get to see what times you are most and least productive. It’s a great way to look at your internet usage and learn how you use your time.

After checking your results for a while, you can begin modifying the results based on your perception of what is productive and what isn’t. In the settings, you can modify the category each website/program falls into. Pre-sets are a good introduction to your general habits, but for a more personalized experience, make sure to adjust those settings.

Download the app here.

Google Calendar

time management apps

To manage your schedule, Google Cal is a simple and easy to use organizer. The calendar syncs with your phone and computer which makes adding events easy. As most people live busy lives, you can set up multiple calendars with different events that can be tracked on the same account. It’s a clutter-free way to manage your time.

To keep yourself prepared for the day, set up a daily agenda to be sent to your inbox. It will brief you on your schedule for the upcoming day. Even use the app in an offline version and it will update automatically once it gets a connection. This time management app is effective and easy to use.

Download the app here.

For the Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs or app makers who are interested in different monetizing methods through subscription models, these are great apps to learn from. All these apps have a free version and a premium upgrade available. Each app gives enough to use at a basic level and leaves you wanting more to take advantage of with the app.

Let us know if you have used any of these time management apps before or are planning to try them. Find us on our social media platforms!