4 Ways to Become an Authority in Your Niche


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Who do you take as your top 5 players in the NBA today?

I have my opinion, and you may have yours. Regardless of who you take, these players have made their mark on the game as difference-makers, game-changers and leaders.

What 5 stocks would you take for your dream portfolio?

By taking the blue chips over the FAANG stocks, or vice versa, the trust and success with these companies comes from consistent company growth and superior business models.

What is it about these players, these stocks, that stand out and makes them special and unique?

The people, businesses, and products that grab our attention combine tangible success factors with the intangible forces to make their mark, stand apart from others and be remembered.

Authority Figures

Those with the strongest brands are referred to as authorities. An authority is the first person or thing to come to mind in a particular niche.

They bring the tangible results of rank, position, level, grades and results – and combine it with the intangible charisma, presence, uniqueness and leadership. 

Authorities are those who lead, make decisions, and are the ones who are remembered for their actions.

Since people love direction, it is authorities who forge the path. In any form of leadership, position, initiative and direction help bring people to the common goals they seek.

For any product, business or brand, it is the authorities who are running the market. The engagement, excitement and buzz constantly surrounds the biggest products, launches and marketing campaigns.

In this setting, an authority has more reach. This provides even more opportunities to make an impact, in whatever field you work in or any mission you serve.

Overall, an authority is adding value beyond what a peer group or the market is contributing, and people are listening. It is an exciting place to be in.

How to Become an Authority Figure

Combining the tangible and intangible characteristics of an authority, anyone has the ability to work towards becoming one.

1. Define Your Niche

Whatever you are currently specializing in is exactly the subject in which you should become an authority in. A career path or side-hustle is a great example.

Rather than swimming in the big sea of fish within the industry, becoming an authority will mean standing out from the rest, having an expert opinion and being different than all the rest.

What makes you different ultimately makes you unique. What makes you unique are the strengths that nobody else has that you can bring. When considering an area to specialize in, get specific.

Begin with your niche, and narrow down to the exact person you are trying to reach, the exact market you serve, and the exact skill set you have. Some examples are as follows:

A Millennial Gardener  – who brings a new perspective about locally grown produce or flower arrangements.

Local Organic Seafood Restaurant – All seafood is sourced from local and organic fisheries that support the local fishing industry.

Real-Estate Agent in Denver specializing in pre-development condos – Being the expert on the local market as well as the specific building type and needs of the clients.

Brand Manager for Coca-Cola Life – Focussing your efforts on one core brand.

Defining your niche into a ‘micro-niche’ will set you apart from others and give you an edge on serving the clientele within your niche. You will develop your 1,000 true and loyal clients faster this way.

2. Brand Your Content

Whatever medium you choose, whether it is ads, print, podcast, resume, business card, social media, make your content specific to who you are. Let the content that you post speak for you through your brand.

For example, certain colors could give off different energy and perception to a business and its logo. In the picture below, see how different a blue vs. a red can be portrayed. Know what aligns with the brand you are building.


Beyond colors, it is the things you say, in the tone that you say it, and in the times that you say it that resonate as well. It’s about being true to who you are and letting that speak through any content that you produce.

For example, interacting on specific hashtags in your niche and being consistent with it connects your brand to that idea cultural connection point.

Let a brand be an extension of who you are. Colors, words, images, logos and consistency all play a part into becoming an authority, because your brand begins to become the idea that people start forming about you.

In all mediums, keep content branded so there becomes a trust between them and your message. Now when people think about your content, there is an immediate connection to the brand you are building.

3. Give Your Expert Opinion

Bring your expertise and passion about your interest to others in the form of content. There are no opinions that are identical so use yours to be unique and share what you know.

Name some of the most captivating people you know? The unique part about the people like that I know is their ability to tell a great story and have you believe in something. For people to get to know you and trust you, just begin by putting out the content, and watch it evolve into something that is truly unique.

One of my mentors once shared the invaluable advice with me that in order to gain authority in a field, one should write their own book. This little advice is so true, because when your words are in book form, you immediately become an expert in the topic.

Other than books, think about what mediums of content you can produce that will designate you as an expert.

Begin by thinking about what you excel at. If you’re a good speaker, put out your opinions in podcast form or volunteer to be a guest speaker at an event. If you’re a good relationship-builder, attend networking events and meet people. If you are a good writer, share your expertise in written form.

People will listen even more when this content is congruent to who you are and is unique. There is nothing that helps trust more than credible referrals and positive reviews/ratings about you. Work to build your relationships and you will reap the rewards of referral connections.

4. Have an Unbeatable Work Ethic

The most difficult problems are often solved in the most simplest ways. Elegance is not complexity, it is found in simplicity. So in order to master your field and be the person people can rely on, master the basics and fundamentals.

When someone is passionate about something, it is so clear to tell. The same goes for when someone is really knowledgeable or has a lot of experience in a subject. You just know and you can just tell.

Some of the most difficult parts of communication is removing filler for substance. When speaking, this includes filler words such as ‘um’ or ‘like, and when writing, this includes fluff and run-on sentences. Get to the meat and cut the fat. Your audience, clients, business, stakeholders, and family will thank you for your candor.

To become an authority requires time and dedication. Malcolm Gladwell claimed in the book ‘Outliers’ that mastery is obtained by spending 10,000 hours on a task. Agree to disagree about the number of hours, but the bottom line is mastery requires time, effort and dedication.

There is no substitute for hunger. Remember, there is always someone working harder than you out there. And when you are sleeping, someone else is working.

Life gives you exactly what you ask for. In terms of becoming an authority, life will give you exactly what you put in.

become and authority


To become an authority in any niche, you first need to be specific about your niche and what you specialize in, as well as getting specific with who your audience is. You will also need branded content that will set you apart and you will need to share your opinion in the medium of your biggest strength. Finally, you will need to put in the reps and master the fundamentals.

It is within reach to become the business that clients rave about or the person that people flock to, all through the power of becoming an authority.