Find Enjoyment In Any Work You Do


What is your first thought on a Monday morning?

Are you dreading the day and don’t even want it to start? Or are you excited for the chance to make a difference?

If someone would ask me what I did for work, I used to tell them just that – the things I would do during the day. The tasks I needed to complete, the responsibilities I was assigned to, the meetings I had to attend, etc. Basically a boring checklist without much substance. Plus, it didn’t sound that inspiring.

Live to Work or Work to Live

When work is just work, it becomes repetitive and stagnant. There doesn’t seem to be any drive behind it and the hours on the clock couldn’t tick faster. Fridays become celebrations.

Although that perfect job sounds amazing, the reality is we all need to do something to survive and get by. Not everything involving work can be glorious. Plus, landing a job is stressful with all the competition in the market.

Being a millennial myself, I can speak for the generation by saying there is a certain pressure when it comes to beginning a career. It’s a transition period for most and with so many paths to choose from it can seem overwhelming. There is the fulfillment aspect to consider, which is trying to find something to do that you love, and there is the practical aspect of work that provides the money to put food on the table. Both need to be considered, and this can create some conflicts.

Shouldn’t the part of our lives where we spend over 50% of our waking days be interesting, meaningful, dare even say inspiring?

Make Work Great Again

I believe there is substance, a silver lining, a passion, in any work you do. A few months ago while taking the transit, I was greeted by a transit officer. As I paid my fare, he smiled and told me to have a wonderful day. After I said thank you, he assured me that it was his duty to bring a smile to every traveler’s face that he came in contact with. What a show of dedication and service. This small example illustrates that no matter what work you are doing, there is always something you can give, contribute, and feel proud of.

What makes any work meaningful is becoming inspired by what you do. The easiest way to find this pull, this drive, is to understand how you are impacting lives around you. Also known as contribution.

Contribution is so rewarding and fulfilling. When you can align with the belief of knowing that what you do is making an impact, everything else seems to fall into place. This feeling comes from a belief in what you do, a conviction that your work is making an impact, and that you are giving something greater than yourself. This is your WHY.

A Why is your compass, your roadmap, and the belief in what you do. This sets up HOW you do your work and WHAT kind of work you do.

When you come from a place of giving, contributing, serving, and inspiring, all your strategies and day to day tasks are instantly filled with life.

I challenge you to find your contribution, your gift, your WHY. No matter your state, your job or your responsibility, inside you have the ability to find it. Here are some suggestions I can give to do that.


1.Gather stories, memories, and experiences from your work experience. This is basically a brainstorming session of some of the best moments from your work. The more the better.

2.Take your ideas and organize them into themes. Notice some patterns about your work and how you do you work. The categories that are largest are the drivers of your Why.

3.Write out your Why Statement. To _______ so that _______. Here are some examples


To teach so that…
To contribute to my community so that others can have the life I was never granted.
To connect others so that we can all live in a happier world.
To inspire my client’s best work so that my client’s company can grow and society can thrive.

I challenge you to find yours.

This will bring meaning to any work you do.