One Life – Do Something About It


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Every person on this planet has these two things in common: We’re all born, and eventually, we all die and have to leave this Earth. But in between that time, our lives are completely unique to each of us. We have one life to do something about it.

Essentially, we have control over what we do with the time we have. However, the time when God decides that our time is up here is also outside our immediate control.

Life purpose

No Regrets

The Weeknd’s most recent Apple Music radio show goes by this name: Memento Mori. It is the ancient idea of remembering death while we’re still alive. Its roots trace back to the Latin phrase “remember you must die”. 

If we can ponder this idea, so the tradition goes, then remembering death removes the ultimate fear of death, and can infuse renewed meaning into our lives. At its core, once we understand that all we have is not permanent, it can bring us meaning, a sense of urgency, and the motivation to enjoy every moment we have.

Since we’re here for a short time, it is our duty to make it a purposeful time. Finding your purpose, doing what drives you, doing what you love to do, spending time with the people that you love, and leaving a legacy, are the goals we should be collectively striving for. With this in mind, does having a mansion, sports cars and millions of dollars really complete our lives?

I got some really great advice recently. I will call this the Heisenberg mentality (for those Breaking Bad fans). I was asking a mentor what advice he would give to someone in their 20s and they told me this: Do sh*t you love. Today is the youngest we will ever be, so fill it doing the things you love, and making it a life that you can look back on and be proud of. No regrets.

Life is a Gift

When I traveled to Mexico City last year, most tourist areas featured a range of painted skulls for purchase, a symbol of Latin culture. The skulls signify a remembrance of death, the theme which is celebrated during the Mexican festival “Dia de Los Muertos” or “Day of the Dead”.

The festival is not celebrated with slow processions, mourning or dark colors, all the themes typically associated with death. It is a celebration filled with color, life, and joy – remembering the impact, legacy and the love of ancestors who came before. At its root, celebrating death gives us the ability to celebrate life.

Sure, it may take a minute to unwrap that one. In essence, the less we fear, the more we respect our time here, and the more we can celebrate the life we have. To be grateful for the life we have, its beauty, its blessings, its lessons, and its richness.

Those painted skulls are a metaphor for a life that is fulfilled and complete. At the core of life, there is impermanence, but while we are here, life is filled with shape, color, beauty, and love. Life is a gift, and we can treat it as such when we embrace all its inevitabilities.

Kyrie Irving’s Nike Kyrie 4 ‘Day of the Dead’ TV PE 1


Life is precious. Enjoy every moment and be grateful for every moment that you have, because we never know when it’s going to be done. This way, we can enjoy the entire journey.

A few summary points on this topic:

  • Impermanence brings meaning, urgency, and purpose into our lives
  • Impermanence brings celebration, gratitude, beauty, and love into our lives

The end is not to be feared, while the journey is to be embraced. I encourage you to take some time to think about these following takeaways so that your life can be infused with more meaning and abundance.

  1. Make a conscious choice about how you want to use and spend your time here. In terms of work, people, places, things – everything is fair game.
  2. Determine the legacy that you want to leave here. Think about it from the perspective of your old self, reflecting on your awesome life from a rocking chair. Set out to become that person, starting each day.

“Life is Long if You Know How to Use It” – Seneca

Life is short. We’re all here for a limited time. It’s not worth being fearful, trying to be someone else, or being anyone else but our true selves. If we give life our affection, attention, compassion, and love, were going to look back on the amazing journey with a big smile and satisfaction when it’s all done. Make time for what matters most.

Let’s take some advice from Gary Vee on this topic – Cue the clip 😉