3 Questions to Consider When Starting a Passion Project


Google is in the Top 5 of the largest companies in the world. With all the pressure a large company faces, the company still finds ways to remain innovative. Google has earned this reputation for innovation in part thanks to a program it offers its employees.

Google employees are allowed to spend 20% of their time on projects and innovations that interest them and that would benefit the company. This is all while getting paid for it too. Smart and talented people are flocking to Google offices all around the world to work for this innovative company. Can this be one of the reasons why Google is so successful?

Well, it is definitely helping. According to Wakefield Research, 90% of people believe a rewarding and fulfilling job is a major factor in overall happiness. Those working with innovative companies, as well as having the opportunity to work on things that interests them, is definitely a fulfilling experience.

If you don’t have the opportunity to work for Google, here is why a passion project may be right for you.


What is a Passion Project?


A passion project is a project, side hustle, hobby or activity. It can be anything that you’re interested in or passionate about. According to Bank Rate, 4 in 10 (37%) of Americans have a side hustle in a passion project.

Some people work on their projects every day, while others get into them periodically. Many projects are undertaken with a monetary reward in mind, while others are just kicking for the passion and enjoyment. All in all, it’s something that you enjoy working on.

I believe there is a project out there for everyone. If more people could pursue their passions, our work-lives, and overall well-being would be even more fulfilling. When jumping into a passion project, consider the following 3 questions that will help guide you towards a project that’s right for you.



1.    Which Passion Project Should I Start?


I believe that there should be no guidelines for the hobby or project you get into. Since you have a passion for it, that is reason enough that you should at least try it.

Money, time, experience shouldn’t be deciding factors in choosing something to pursue, because trying something new could make you realize it’s that which you’ve been looking for.

Once you’ve tried your new project or side hustle, begin to consider what you really want from it. That way, you understand what you’re really getting into.


2.    Do I have the time?


To me, this is a question you must ask yourself when you begin jumping into something. If you have a job and family, you’re in school, you’re working, or whatever else is going on in your life, ask yourself honestly how much time outside of your commitments you are able to dedicate to a craft or project. The time you can dedicate to it will determine how far the project will go.

The time you can give to your project will also determine if it stays in the hobby status or if it can be turned into a business. A business needs upfront time, energy and commitment to set up and get off the ground.

This is when you can decide to make more time or dedicate more time towards the project as well. If it’s something that is meaningful to you, you will find the time, or you will make the time.


3.    What are my Needs?


Beyond time issues, think about your own personal needs and motivations. Why are you looking to start something in the first place?

If it’s for money, is it for living, paying bills, a saving fund or just leisure?

If it’s not for business, is it a time to get away from your other business? Does it just make you fulfilled? Is it something that makes you feel alive?

When considering your needs, think beyond only the short-term benefits of feeling good. A project you love may take longer than you planned. Or it may not go exactly according to plan. It may require more resources or support than you originally assumed. Be ready to go through ups and downs with it.

When you understand why you want to start something, you can be honest with yourself about what will be required.





At the end of the day, the success of a passion project comes down to how much you believe in it. If you believe in it, you will find the time or make the time to accommodate your project.

I believe that is like any part of life, whether it be family, school, work or your sports club. Understand yourself, your priorities and your realities first to be able to best create a life that works on your terms.

My final message to you: If you have the time and you are debating on starting something new, whether it be big or small, try it. Say yes and see it out. It may work or it may not, but at least you’ve given it a shot. Now you know what works for you a little bit better!