Why People Sabotage Their Success


How does this make sense

The Madden Curse – It seems to be reversing itself in the last few years, but why was it that the star of the game who was selected to be on the video game, Madden, would end up becoming a relative statistical dud or injury-riddled player compared to the season before?

Come Inside My Mind – Robin Williams – How did one of the most beloved actors in the last 30 years, one of the most hilarious stand-up comedians, a man who could put a smile on anyone’s face, end up turning to substance abuse and ending his life citing lack of meaning?

The Dot Com Bubble – What was going through the minds of millions of international investors as they invested in the run-up of arguably one of the biggest stock market bubbles in history, the dot-com bubble of the 2000s, later to see it all burst?

The Dichotomy of Success

When our plans for achievement do not line up with our results, it is an indication that something is not quite working. No big deal. With a change of plans and new intentions, there is always a way to get up and start again. But if your lack of results has been going on for a long time, seeming endlessly the same by wanting to change but not knowing why you can’t, there is something deeper working at play.

How can someone with everything in the world suddenly feel like a failure? How can someone stay trapped in an environment that they don’t like for their whole lives?

Whether you are conscious about it or not, it is the beliefs we hold about our actions that will determine our results. And when we ultimately feel comfortable in a situation to avoid any pain of facing a new environment, or require a new buzz to avoid the pain of feeling loneliness, we are the culprits of sabotaging our success.

If you want to be a millionaire, but you’re not holding millionaire beliefs, no matter how many times you try, you will never become one. If you want to be a professional athlete but the fear of commitment to a goal is greater than your sense of purpose, you will never get there. And for those lucky ones who do get there, during testing times, those without the fundamental alignment of beliefs will not make it.

If you weren’t before, begin to become aware of the dangers of limiting beliefs, and understand the consequences of sabotaging success. When you understand what you are doing with your potential,  your paradigm will shift from victim mentality to becoming someone on a mission.

Learning from the Best

With high risk comes high reward. This is true in any field.

With the stardom of being a famous figure comes the stress of being that professional athlete or entertainer.

With the wealth that comes from successful investment strategies comes the pressure and potential for losses of being a money manager.

With the influence and power comes the scrutiny and reputational risks of being a political figure.

Your ability to step up in big moments and deliver will ultimately determine the level of compensation you will receive for your services in your lifetime. The value you bring for someone will determine the value you will receive in return.

Your ability to handle these big moments will allow you to thrive in them, rather than succumb to their pressures. It must be a choice, and it must align with your abilities and values.

Reminder: Reset your expectations. Don’t try to do everything you expect of yourself, or be everything that you believe you should be for everyone else. Damper the perfectionist outlooks because these stem from beliefs that are not healthy or sustainable.

But do not damper your desire or drive to become the best version of yourself. Becoming the best version of yourself will require learning, mistakes and most importantly growth. Understand that growth is essential and that perfectionism is harmful.

Seek role models who are competing at the highest level and model a mindset from them. Mindsets of successful people that you can incorporate into your own include acknowledging but using fear, stepping up in big moments, staying calm around media storms, and maintaining your circle of control in all situations.

sabotage success Source: Joel Annesley

The Meaning of Success

Success can mean something different to everyone.

That’s why some Madden NFL cover players thrived as the ‘poster child’, while many others, unlucky or not, did not have the same fortunes.

That’s why some people feel their best, more rewarded and most connected being around a few close friends they love, and others can thrive under the hot stage spotlights, performing in front of thousands of people.

That’s why some people chase the money and the returns of risky financial investments and others are more confident with a long-term approach to investing.

You must understand what aligns with your deepest values, needs and intentions. Then reinforce the belief in your abilities. At the end of the day, the only person that can make you or break you, is you.

Believe in Yourself

Why do athletes play the game? Why do entertainers perform? Why do investors trade?

If you believe in yourself and follow your path instead of giving in to the needs and demands of others, success is yours for the taking. Enjoy the process, accept the journey, love what you do, and commit to being the best version of yourself. No obstacle is too big, No praise is bigger than love. Let your belief of yourself be aligned to who you are to others.

Believe in yourself, my friend, and be your biggest cheerleader. Every day, whether through videos, music, friends, family, programs, hobbies or support systems, give yourself the permission to believe in yourself, your actions, your commitment, and prove your amazing abilities to yourself. Prove that you have so much more to give and that you can overcome any obstacle with the right intentions. Claim your success – it is your duty.