The Art of Saying Thank You


It takes decades for a single tree to grow into maturity. Every year, a tree adds one new ring to its trunk. It takes sunlight from the sky, and water from its roots, to grow a little bit more each season. Slowly but surely, these incremental steps become the forests we see today. Little things can often go unnoticed.

Often said of the current technology-driven generation, everything is at our fingertips, which picks up the urgency of everything. There’s always some new content to consume or something new to look up, or places to be with friends and people to keep up with. Little things can often go unnoticed.

Sharing the Little Moments

When we can slow down for a second and appreciate the small things in life, like the sun, nature, the growth of a tree, and the small genuine characters of people, life can become so vibrant. When you can share these little moments with people: the things that often go unnoticed, end up being some of the most memorable parts of life, and the things people remember about you most.

The simplicity of a smile, or the genuine feeling of a ‘thank-you’, can go such a long way, in making someone’s day. What defines a great friend, person, or service, is something intangible, in the way they can make you feel.

The World is Complex

It is easy to forget how intertwined our world is today. For example, the clothes you are wearing was designed, shipped, stitched, colored, cut, produced and grown by different people along this fascinating and winding chain. It can be amazing to think about how our belongings have been touched by so many people, and how they are making an impact on us.

The efforts of the average person often go unnoticed, whether because these simple efforts have become expectations, or because they are just simple facets of life. Donating a ‘little moment’ to someone’s day, therefore, has the ability to have a massive impact on someone, as well as that person’s perception of you. Saying thank you, can be this moment.

A Thank-You Challenge

Make it a challenge to be aware of these little beauties in life and be thankful for all that we have. It really doesn’t take much to realize how blessed we really are. When you can bring this light of ‘thanks’ into your life, your ability to share it with others will brighten their day, outlook, and the way they treat others.

It can be easy to forget about the little things, the inconsequential things, that seemingly lack to have any material impact. It is in these moments, however, where we can appreciate and give our most. Saying ‘thank you’ for the things that we have, and the people that impact us, goes a long way.