The Trap of the Status Quo


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Why is every fingerprint distinctive, and every snowflake a different shape? It’s because we were created to be unique.

I want to see everyone succeed and live a life they’re truly happy about. But often I hear about people who are ‘stuck’ or ‘struggling’ and sometimes I ask why?

These people often have ‘good lives’ according to society’s standards of being employed, with a family, and some money in the bank. But something can seem missing and it may not appear obvious but it’s significant.

A lot of the time it comes down to who’s in charge. They have broken up with originality, or the power over their choices, and decided to settle in with the expectations of others for what to do. It’s here where people can either feel empowered with their choices or limited by the choices of others.

The Status Quo Trap

This is the status quo trap. Average seems safe, but it is also dangerous. It means mediocrity, but more importantly, it means not living on your own terms.

The status quo is not a bad thing. It just makes things easier. But that easy can lead us to look up at 65 saying what did I really do and contribute. Instead of that – be you, and be a little different.

Flex those creative muscles and your autonomy a little more. We’ve all got them and we can use them to make decisions that make us feel empowered rather than just average.

To take control of your autonomy, here are some tips you can use to come up with some great new ideas.

1. Brainstorm lots of Ideas: Next time you brainstorm, don’t come up with 3 or 5 ideas – come up with 10-20 ideas. The more you come up with, the more you can choose from and the more unique they will be.

2. Try something new: Find 1 new thing you haven’t done before and try it. Immerse yourself in it. Get some inspiration from these broad experiences.

3. Get feedback from people you trust: Ask your friends, parents or colleagues for advice on something you’re working on. I know you’re very smart and unique 😉 but a good feedback session can make any idea even better.