Talent vs. Hard Work – From an Olympic Perspective


The skill level of an Olympian is amazing. Sitting back and watching their athletic talents is fascinating and breath-taking. They make it look easy, almost effortless.

This, in fact, relates to a term of our times – an Instapraneur. The fame and glamour of being an athlete, a business owner, a celebrity, look so enticing. It also looks easy. That’s not the whole story though.

Olympic athletes are not overnight successes. Their talent was not just bestowed on them. It’s a culmination of years of blood sweat and tears that are often forgotten about, when all they are given is one skate, one run, one game, to leave a mark. 4 years for 5 minutes, in some cases.

What I love about Olympic athletes is their sense of mission. They know what they want, and they give it their all to get it. Other than sponsorships, there is very little monetary reward in the Olympics. The decision to compete simply comes from a love and a passion. It comes from a faith in their abilities.

What a thrill it would be, to compete against the best in the world at your sport. It’s not just an event for them. This is their glory and legacy. What a feeling it would be to be competing to leave your legacy.

So what do you think? Is it talent, or it is hard work, that makes an Olympic athlete?